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in reconciling heretics to the Church, or imposing on them salutary penances, or performing other duties which belonged to the office of Inquisitor. Yet it was with no failing courage that he now prepared himself for his gigantic task ; whilst all the materials he had as yet gathered for the struggle were the six unknown and unlettered companions whom he had left at Toulouse. 120 one of the earliest notices of the use of the Hail Mary occurs in the works. The question therefore narrows itself to the part taken. Austin the sentence of reconciliation to the Church of Ponce Roger, and the faculty granted to Raymond William de Hauterive Pelaganira to entertain the heretic William Huguecion in his house. But another trouble arose about the same time from a quarter whence it was least expected. The foundation of this university was decreed for the express purpose of supplying sound Catholic teaching at the very head- quarters of heresy.

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The lives of some saints present us with a history of trials and temptations, of early struggles and 1 Dialogo,. On the conclusion of this Chapter the magistrates of Bologna, wishing to mark their veneration for the holy founder and their gratitude for the benefits he had procured to the city by the extinction of their internal feuds, bestowed. Profoundly afflicted as he had been at the discouragement of his brethren, he could not at once dismiss the impression it had left on his heart. Before he left he had the happiness of giving the habit to his old and dear friend, William de Montferrat. Mary Magdalen, attached to the neighbouring monastery of Silos, where he spent the re- mainder of his days humbly ministering to the sick. Doubtless to men who had filled positions of importance and consideration among their fellow-citizens, it can have been no light humiliation to be sent out into the streets day by day to beg their bread, and to meet. Her name was ever on his lips ; every day he recited kneeling a thousand Hail Marys, which he counted on a knotted cord. site de cue escort girl lot et garonne

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The fact was remembered in after-years, as a token of that love of poverty and mortification which was to mark his future career, and to which Pope Gregory. For the rest it is sufficient to say that the Albigensian code of morals largely prevailed amongst the citizens, and that besides being a stronghold of heresy, Beziers was regarded throughout the country as a real den of brigands. His murder was therefore an outrage on the whole Christian world, and, according to what was then the universally acknowledged law of Christendom, the author of such a crime, as well as his accomplices and protectors, forfeited. Special reasons FOR ITS adoption. Dominic when it may be well to pause for awhile and bestow a more careful study on his character, one so little known and so grievously misrepresented in our age and country. The Franciscan community occupied a very poor residence, and suffered much from the want of water.

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Site de cue escort girl lot et garonne Nazzario, with whom he had formerly lodged when travelling to Rome in 1217. It is the one solitary occasion in which we find the name of Dominic in any way associated with an act of judicial severity, and as will be noticed, his part therein is not to condemn, but to release. He had early despatched thither a colony of his religious, whom the citizens received with open arms, assigning them for their residence the little hospital. In another decree, dated the iyth of December, His Holiness ratified in perpetuity the gift of the convent. The Bollandists admit the fact that the title of Inquisitor was of later date, but maintain that the office was in existence, and that it included the punish- ment as well as the reconciliation of heretics.


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